Facebook Vs Twitter


Facebook and Twitter are two most popular social networks in the world. Both sites are used for social relations. Many people use Facebook for connecting people, and many people use Twitter for updates. But there are many people in the world who used both Facebook and Twitter.

Both Facebook and Twitter has many differences:

Network People VS network ideas:

Facebook is used for networking with people, which the Twitter is used for networking ideas and opinions. It means the Facebook is for connecting with people like friends and family. And Twitter is used to display the ideas and thinkings.

Free characters Vs Limited characters:

Facebook has the capacity to write thousands of words at a time, as much as you want to write, even if you can write a whole story then you can. Facebook has no limit of writing what is on your mind. While Twitter has a limit of characters and words. People can write 140 characters at a time in one tweet. People cannot write more words, then 140.

Chat Vs Tweets:

Facebook is used for connecting with friends and family. Facebook is used for chatting and messaging while Twitter is used for tweets (short posts). On facebook you can contact to your friends and family, to know about their life through chatting.


The Tweeter has not more options and functions than Facebook. Options of Facebook are difficult to use. Facebook has many things to secure your photos, status, etc., so there is a need for high security. Facebook has strong privacy to secure your account.

Like Vs Tweet:

On Facebook, you can like and comment on the posts of other people. When you change your profile picture and cover photo, you receive a lot of likes and comments from your friends. They react to your photos and posts. Friends give you their opinion about you.  But on Twitter, you can just tweet and retweet. You can just share your views.

Friends Vs latest famous people:

On Facebook, people can find their old friends and family members. It is most thrilling things about Facebook to find those friends, who never meet you after your schooling. And after a long time you see your friends, it gives you immense happiness and pleasure. Facebook is a way towards your old friends. On the other hand, you will find people who are latest in news and current affairs. On Twitter, you cannot find your old friends, but you can find people who are famous.

Games Vs no games:

Facebook provide games to play. 8 ball pool, candy crush, etc. Twitter did not provide any game to play.


Facebook has 1.15 Billion users all over the world. While Twitter has 560 Million users. Facebook has more users than Twitter.


Facebook was launched in 2k4 while the Twitter launched in 2006. Facebook is 2 years old then Twitter.


Each day people post and share 2.5 Billion pieces of content. On Twitter, people post 5,700 tweets in a day.