Top rated Social Media networks and their features


In this digital age, social networking offers completely new meaning and momentum. Here, relationships are built up on Facebook, GooglePlus, and LinkedIn. There is a huge variety of social networks that offer opportunities to develop relationships as well as to boost up business. The majority of the business men gets the benefits of online marketing. They boost up their profit and raise the productivity of the business. On the other hand, it is a platform that gives you the facility of enjoyment and developing a relationship. You will be in touch with the modern world by using social networks.

Top Rated Social Networks


  • Twitter


It is one of the most popular platforms of social media. It delivers more fun by offering you an interesting activity of messaging. Here, you can share an image, post a link and promote your products. It is very easy to use and learn its interface. It takes a minute to set up a profile here.

  • It allows you to read and send other user’s updates here that are called tweet.
  • It offers you microblogging that is the Twitter message of 140 characters. It is a limit to write a message here.
  • A user can get and send updates through website of Twitter, third party application, emails, RSS, and SMS
  • Users can restrict delivery to their friends and family group.
  • A user can utilize third party application like Feedalizer to send Twitter, messages, Twitterrific, and Tweetie.  


  • Facebook


It is a social network that is widely used by everyone. It has immense popularity among the people of all ages. It is the site where you can find your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Users get the option to share images, videos, links, promotions and advertisements. It can be used as a business platform.


  • LinkedIn


It is one of the social network’s site that contains all the tools to promote business. It is the most suitable place to grab the audience for your website. Here you can have contact with your business communities. Here you get the business updates easily.

  • It offers endorsements and recommendation
  • It helps in developing following huge graph
  • It gives the opportunity to use your profile link
  • Avail a professional gallery with the use of slide share, video, photos and work example.
  • You are free for creating a company page, review your analysis, using the new showcase pages and much more.


  • GooglePlus


It has great ranking among the other social networks. It provides the opportunity to add highlight topics with hashtags and new content here. Setting profile at this platform is quite easy. It takes some minutes to make a professional profile on GooglePlus.

  1. Offers photo editing tools
  2. Intends Cloud Integration
  3. Delivers Hangouts apps
  4. Related HashTags
  5. Redesigned Stream

All those mentioned above are the top rated sites of social media. These are highly efficient in offering fun and boosting up your business profit. These social networks are used by the majority of the people around the globe.