US Elections overview through social media perspective


A few weeks ago, the world witnessed one of the most controversial and popular US presidential elections in the history of the world. With two very prominent and contrasting candidates in the limelight, it was nothing less than the clash of the titans. Many regard this election is the nastiest US presidential battle of all times.

Distinguishing aspect of 2016 elections:

One of the key factors that distinguished this election from the past was the tremendous involvement of social media services and websites during the election campaign. Many critics and analysts believe that social media played a vital role in the final outcome of the competitive process. The new and the views on the social networks created an unexpected impact on the election race. In fact, it acted as a driving force for the voters all over the country.

Increased Social Media Influence:

Due to the immense increase in the number of internet users, the voter of today is slightly different from the voter of the past. He is a follower of the social media rather than the democratic or republican offices. With such a large flow of information and news, it can mold and modify the perspectives of the people in a very short and quick time.

Social Media impact on people’s views and opinions:

The social media represents a platform where people are able to share their personal views and experiences. It is human nature to adhere more to such human factors of the news rather than orchestrated or pre-designed marketing advertisements.  This is what made social media such a big influence in this year’s presidential election. Potential voters were more interested in what people said rather than what the candidate had to say.

Social Media and its benefits for campaigners:

Not only was the social media a great influence, but it was also easy and cost effective promotional platform for the candidate as well. Political strategists of both the camps realized the importance of this growing virtual world and decided to make it a significant medium of their campaign.

Social media was a very effective way of political campaigning because of the following reasons:

  • It is a quick and most popular way to reaching out to a large number of people
  • Social media allows marketers to reach out to targeted segments more effectively. People with similar likes, wants and interests are easily segregated using the social networks. As a result, marketers can target only the selected lot and emphasize the efforts more effectively.
  • It acts a very fast medium of transmitting information. People using the social networks are mostly connected with them 24 hours seven days a week. With smart devices in our hands and a continuous internet access, breaking news on the social media is far more effective than on other traditional modes of news.

The final outcome of the 2016 US presidential election was far from what the polls had predicted. It was unexpected and dramatic. Many believe that this unprecedented situation is owed to the social media networks and the way their information affected the people’s opinion and views.